Holiday Thieves' Market

The University of Iowa Fine Arts Council is proud to sponsor the Holiday Thieves' Market. This market is an indoor art exhibition and sale held annually featuring artists from all over the Midwest and beyond. Over 100 artists will exhibit and sell their original work in painting, ceramics, photography, woodworking, drawing, metal, glass, jewelry, fiber, and more!  The show has a juried selection acceptance process. Free admission for the public! In conjunction with the Holiday Thieves' Market the Fine Arts Council presents their annual wine tasting.


  • December 7 & 8, 2013
  • Iowa Memorial Union
  • 10 am-5 pm Saturday
  • 10 am-4 pm Sunday
  • Wine Tasting held on December 7 from 12-2 pm

View Directions to the Show.

The Fine Arts Council would like to thank all of the people who came to the 2012 Holiday Thieves' Market! It was a huge success!

2013 Artist List


Last NameFirst Name
Neumann Val
Nehmer Marion
Robertson Liz
Robertson Rich
Niebres Carolina
Schroeder Steve and Leslie
Bose Mike
Gierke Sally
Johnson Deirdre
Miller Jim & Judith
Netten Ron
Fottral Jerry & Kazumi
Cho Man Ho
Notahouse Gretchyn
Enzler Martha
Anderson Bob & Connie
Niehouse Kirk
Hill Kristen
Cunningham Reiko
Richard John

Drawing / Painting

Last NameFirst Name
Ohnemus Pam 
Atwater Carlene Dingman
Kennicott Susan
Meggaugh Laura
Morgan Angela Montalban
Ford Steve & Wendy
Oberfoell Sun Hee Cho
Meyers-Walker Jo
Lin Mohan
Stillmunks John
Olson Hans Eric
Westcot Lianne
Abigt Chris
Weyer Cindi
Haffner Rebecca Kristi


Last NameFirst Name
Taylor   Kae
Bell Carol
Brown Melissa
Ney Bobbie
Murray Jean


Last NameFirst Name
Vermeer Jim & Julie 
Moore Donna
Ferrance Mike
Schneider Bob
Hentschel Retta
Ask LuAnn
McKenzie Elizabeth & Cecil
Hesalroad Eddie


Last NameFirst Name
Krahn  Nancy 
Sharr Peggy
Doyle Sean
Petersen Pat
Christina Catron Barb Jaske
Schloerke Cheri
Zeck Shauna
Schmidt Kathrin
Bedeian Vahan & Vicki
Ford Steve & Wendy
Ruden Amber
Jury Yvette
Taylor Amy
Birchard Thomas
Litchfield Henry
Lawler Jennifer
Honeycutt Wes


Last NameFirst Name
Davenport Dan 
Bettag Barbara
Swanson Jim & Susan
Bearden James
Tapager John
Adams Doug
Lyall Robert
Mengedoht Orville

Mixed Media

Last NameFirst Name
Butcher Aaron 
Zale Lou
Wolter Shawn
Johnson Mickey
LeMar-James Rhonda
Ahrens Janet
Sorak Mika
Leedom Val & Mike
Smisek Jamie


Last NameFirst Name
Delagaardelle Shelly 
Eland Jo
Yoder Wilford
Brau Michael
Kinzenbaw Lisa Lammey
Meddaugh Paul
Hulsebos Marty
Meier Josh
Payne Lesley
Fottral Mayo
Wolfe Carol
Krueger Daron


Last NameFirst Name
Novotry John & Kim 
Hayes Mya


Last NameFirst Name
Anderson Larry 
Waite William
Brokaw Joel & Karma
Lossing Craig
Livingston David
Richardson Craig
Adams Doug
Nelson Kenneth


Last NameFirst Name
Troller Rita 
Schirmer John
Sutter-Blair Julie

Fair Trade

Last NameFirst Name
 Madison Chris