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We no longer accepting applications for the Spring Art Exposé, but are still accepting applications for the 2017 Holiday Thieves Market. 

Plead read before filling out application: Artists have the option to applying to both the Spring Art Exposé and the Holiday Thieves Market in one application. This means that you must select that option on the application. When you select that option the jury fee you send in will count towards to both shows and you will not have to apply to the next show. If you do not select that option then you will have to apply to the next show and pay the jury fee again. Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

No kits, molded items, commercially formed items(including commercially printed matter), antiques, plants, or imports are allowed. Limited edition prints up to #1000 are acceptance. Items cannot include commercial designs (Precious Moments, college logos, etc.) Any artist whose work is found to be unoriginal or inconsistent with their submitted slides will be asked to leave the market.

Please note: When requesting booth spaces understand that we cannot make our booths 10 X 10 this is not possible in the space that we have. You must make sure your set up fits inside the area we have marked off for you. Therefore, your booth must be able to fit in a spot that is 10 X 8 or 8 X 10 (width X depth). We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for you but due to the space we have it in we cannot do it.


At this time we are not capable of processing payments online but we are hoping that we can set it up. In the mean time please make checks payable  to U of I Fine Arts Council and send the $20 jury fee per medium and a self addressed envelop* to: 

The Fine Arts Council 
145 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City, IA 52242

Please do not send acceptance fee at this time. 

*The self addressed envelop is so that we can send you an acceptance/rejection/wait list letters back to you. 

**Note: If you have more than 2 mediums please email us at 

***Disclaimer: In regards to booth requests, we will take note of your specific requests now but since we ask for this request twice (once on the application and once on the acceptance form) when deciding on your booth space we will use the most updated request on the acceptance form if there is a discrepancy. Also, If we receive an application by the deadline and no check we will not process your application. 

Please do not use symbols in fields:
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University of Iowa Student?
Please selection medium(s).
Please indicate a booth size. Booths are 8x10 in size.

Please submit photos smaller than 5MB, they will not upload if the file size is too large.

Jewelers, please submit a booth photo as well as your 3 medium photos.

If you selected more than 1 medium please supply more photos below**

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