Rague Bendigeri Scholarship

This scholarship, created by the family of Rague Bendigeri is for the intent of providing award support to a student deserving of special recognition based on creativity, personal growth, and perseverance in his or her field. Candidates for the award will be considered based on their submitted application, including their overall GPA and work. Special consideration will be given to those students who have overcome personal or professional challenges to mature as an artist. The finalist will be selected by a majority vote of the School of Art Faculty. The recipient is then acknowledged at the Spring Art Exposé in the spring semester of each year, along with having their name engraved on the Rague Bendigeri Scholarship plaque located in the CSIL hallway of the Iowa Memorial Union. The awarded amount for this scholarship ranges from $500-$1,000. 

To apply, visit the School of Art & Art History Scholarship Page.


Christopher Billmyer - 2018 Recipent 

Christoper Billmyer is an Iowa native. He grew up along the river in Dubuque. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2007. With his MOS, or job speciality, being an Assaultman. Which is an individual that deals with explosives in the form of clearing and breaching. Billmyer deployed several times over his time in the Marines. On a deployment in 2010, he was wounded in Sangin, Afghanistan while with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines Lima Company. He spent two years in the hospital recovering from extensive injuries. Upon his discharge from the Marines, Billmyer pursued a college education. Inadvertently stumbling upon painting, he switched his degree from Graphic Design. Christopher will now be graduating from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Painting in the Spring of 2019.

“I've been exploring systems of the human experience. I use abstractions to show the mechanical underpinnings of the world through emphasis on geometric form. I strive to place it into a picture plane that has strong value shifts and lighting to give dialogue to the drama that is played out in human life. Additionally I maintain rich colors as a caveat or counter balance to the mechanical world I depict, in doing such, I believe it visualizes this worlds vitality."

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Madison Bolokowicz - 2017 Recipient 

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