Wine & Craft Beer Tasting

The Fine Arts Council fine art shows have been an Iowa tradition for over forty years, showcasing Midwest artists since 1970. Our markets house over 125 local artists and anywhere from 4,000-6,000 patrons a day! Our annual tasting occurs during peak patron visiting hours (12pm-3pm) and consists of locally owned Midwest Wineries and Breweries from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines, Davenport, Minneapolis, and many more. All patrons 21 years of age and older are invited to participate in the free Annual Wine & Craft Beer Tasting. Area vendors will showcase a selection of their wines and craft brews for patrons to sample, enjoy, and purchase. The featured vendors vary year after year, allowing guests to experience the wineries and breweries from all over the midwest and support some of the area’s most well-kept secrets.

If your company is interested in participating in the tasting, please contact our Executive Director, Zahra Aalabdulrasul, for more information.

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Past participating wineries and breweries:  

Spring Art Exposé 2019 Holiday Thieves' Market 2018
TBD Ardon Creek Winery
  Wilson's Orchard
  Guild Boot ‘n Flute Brewery
  Backpocket Brewing
  Firetrucker Brewery
Spring Art Exposé 2018  Holiday Thieves' Market 2017
Ardon Creek Winery Fireside Winery
Tabor Home Winery Odessa Vineyards
Odessa Vineyards Iowa Brewing Company
Wilson's Orchard Wilson's Orchard
Peace Tree Brewing Company Summit Brewing Company 
Kolona Brewing Company  
Guild Boot 'n Flute Brewery   
Summit Brewing Company   
ReUnion Brewery   
Backpocket Brewing Company   
Spring Art Exposé 2017  Holiday Thieves' Market 2016 
Odessa Vineyards Ardon Creek Winery
Iowa Brewing Company Fireside Winery
Iowa City Brew Lab Odessa Vineyards 
Peace Tree Brewing Company Confluence Brewing Company
Summit Brewing Company Iowa Brewing Company
Wilson's Orchard  Iowa City Brew Lab
Ardon Creek Winery Kolona Brewing Company
  Peace Tree Brewing Company
  Summit Brewing Company
  Wilson's Orchard


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Information for Vendors: 

When:  What is provided:
1pm - 3pm Tables 
Load-in begins at 12pm Ice
  Ice Buckets
Where:  Crackers
Iowa Memorial Union Load-in Assistance
University of Iowa Campus  
What to bring:


If you are able to provide your own monogrammed tablecloths, napkins, or cups for the tasting, you are welcome to do so! If not, we will provide these things for you.      

Products to sample
Display Materials 
Promotional Flyers